Matthew McConaughey Takes Little Levi to the Market

Being the parents of one of Hollywood’s cutest celebrity tykes is tough work. Occasionally Mom and Dad need to make a pit stop at the grocery story to refuel, no matter how sexy they are!

Marathon man Matthew McConaughey and his model wife Camila Alves brought baby Levi to the Beverly Hills Bristol Farms grocery store Thursday.

Mom Camila, 25, carried five-month-old Levi through the aisles. The toddler was decked out in both a white and a green button-down shirt, and sported an adorable blonde fauxhawk.

He stared curiously as photographers snapped away in the parking lot.

Since introducing baby Levi to the world via an OK! magazine cover story in July, McConaughey, 39, and Alves have been out and about with their well-traveled kiddo at red carpet events, a rock concert and even the launch of mom’s purse line.

Get used to the cameras, little guy. You’ll be seeing them for a long time!