Morning Frills #114: ‘Ultimo Desires’ Edition

Melinda Messenger is a presence you can’t forget. And not just because she graced Morning Frills last week.

The 37-year-old, 34DD British glamour model/television personality/perfumer uveiled yet another talent recently at London’s Westfield Shopping Center when she launched Ultimo lingerie’s Shop in Shop in Debenhams department store.

It takes a strong woman to launch a shop, let alone a shop that contains another shop, but the irrepressible Melinda Messenger was up for the task.

Plus, it was for a very important cause. Ultimo Lingerie is no ordinary business. The skivvies manufacturer brings comfort and support to a worthy segment of the population: Gals who, like former Spice Girl and fellow Ultimo spokesmodel Melanie Brown, have a heavy burden to carry. 

Melinda Messenger will not allow large-breasted women to be treated as second-rate citizens.

And some people say that there are no more heroes left in the world.

Celebrate Melinda’s noble crusade by clicking through her gallery of sexy photos. The world owes her that much.