Paris Hilton Is Not Afraid to Look Trashy

The Trashy Lingerie store is a Los Angeles landmark.

Situated on a busy corner along bustling La Cienega Boulevard, the bra-and-panties emporium all at once has an air of glamour, sleaze, luxury, exhibitionism and exclusivity.

Oddly, all those same characteristics can be used to describe hotel heiress Paris Hilton, 27.

Looking something like a cross between Santa’s surliest elf and the Jolly Green Giant’s ball-busting wife, the star of Paris Hilton’s My New BFF cuts a lonely figure as she peers into the Trashy Lingerie windows.

Perhaps she’s wondering if a new set of garters and fishnets might re-catch Good Charlotte guitarist Benji Madden, 29.  Up until ten days before Thanksgiving, Paris and Benji had been showing signs of soul mates set for life.

Now the holidays are a grim reminder that relationships take work.

Even new best friends forever can’t always be there when a solitary heiress could use a bit of company.

Why not just call up former Simple Life co-star Nicole Richie to hang out and talk over old times?

Oh, right.  The father to 27-year-old Nicole’s baby, Harlow Winter Kate Madden (already almost a year old!), is Joel Madden, Benji’s bandmate and twin.

Tis the season for awkward reunions. Go with it, Paris.  Eggnog, mistletoe, baby Harlow.  How could her uncle Benji take one look at that child and not want to make one with you?

A new frill of lingerie can only help….

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