Tom Cruise Channels Elvis

Apparently, Tom Cruise knows another dance move besides “jump up and down on the couch while yelling maniacally.”

The 46-year-old actor—who’s been on a hot streak of late—was on The Tonight Show on Thursday, promoting his upcoming Nazi epic Valkyrie.

Naturally, the topic of wife Katie Holmesboffo Broadway run in Arthur Miller’s All My Sons came up.

When lantern-chinned talk-show host Jay Leno asked Cruise if he had ever considered following in the 29-year-old little missus’ live-theater footsteps, Cruise replied, “I like making movies but I’m not saying ‘no’ to Broadway. I would like to do a musical.”

At which point Cruise broke into the Carl Perkins-penned, Elvis Presley-popularized classic “Blue Suede Shoes” and proceeded to flaunt his fancy footwork.

The leg-shaking. The arm-flailing. The swaggering. Cruise did everything short of swallowing a bunch of prescription pills and doing some unsteady karate moves in his emulation of the King. Check out the video below:

And so another talent of Tom Cruise’s is revealed. If Broadway’s producers come sniffing around after witnessing that performance, he should definitely take that call. That is, if he can ever find his phone.