The Taylor Momsen Files

Taylor Momsen, 15, knows what it means to live the Hollywood lifestyle—even at such a young age. She constantly dazzles the press and public with her rocker chick fashion sense.

So what’s Taylor’s secret to media domination? Sure, everybody loves to stare at a rebel—especially a sweet-faced one who teases photographers by being super affectionate with her girlfriends.

But there’s more than paparazzi madness to Momsen’s method.

Celebuzz digs up the dish on how to live like Taylor!


Pale-face Momsen adds a sharp edge to her sweet style with a dash of black eyeliner along the upper lashline, and the inner rims. This makes her whites seem whiter. The look helps her seem more sophisticated and older, too. Premature maturity seems to be what she’s after.  Momsen, who has become known for her tough-but-cute look, admits her new short coif is attributed to ’80s girl-band pioneer Joan Jett of the Runaways.


The uber thin teen star weighed 122 pounds in 2007, and dropped to 108 this year. According to Star magazine, “Taylor’s been doing liquid fasting cleanses. The problem is that she’s done several back to back.” Momsen has another side to the story:  She told Us Magazine, “I mean, I’m just kind of naturally thin. My mom’s really thin, and I’m tall. Good genes.” The 5′ 8″ actress also told reporters she doesn’t workout. But she does some exercise. “I’ve been dancing since I was three, so I guess that would be it.”


Taylor told Us Magazine, “I just eat healthy. I walk a lot because I live in New York.  So I try to walk a lot instead of taking cabs.”


At 15, it’s hard to go club and bar hopping. But Taylor was recently spotted at Haven, a nightclub in New York City. She’s also been to Demel, a new cafe in the Big Apple. Taylor frequents the ballet, and she was seen at the Metropolitan Opera’s Opening Night Gala.

But maybe Taylor’s most telling nightlife excursion was at an early-December party at Manhattan’s Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

Look for that trend to continue.