VIDEO: Brad Pitt’s Japanese Cell Phone Commercial

Brad Pitt’s latest flick The Curious Case of Benjamin Button may have just garnered five Golden Globe nods, but it’s his just-released Japanese cell phone commercial that’s getting the most buzz today!

Shot by 39-year-old director Wes Anderson (Rushmore, The Darjeeling Limited) in Normandy, France, the Los Angeles Times notes that the Softbank cell phone clip is an homage to the 1953 French film Les Vacances de Monseieur Hulot.

In it, Pitt, 44, is shopping at a market. He then helps push a family’s car onto a road and stumbles upon a naked woman having a picnic.

Brad snaps a pic of her on his Softbank mobile phone.

Check out Rolling Stone’s latest cover guy in the stylish and hilarious commercial below:

What do you think…would you buy a cell phone from Brad Pitt?