Whitney Port’s Frequent Trips, Plus New Boyfriend

Despite her tall, blonde composure, it’s nice to know some things still make Whitney Port sweat.

While preparing her assimilation into The City, Lauren Conrad’s former Vogue cohort takes to her official blog to relive a fond (although mortifying) moment from her former days on The Hills.

“At the time I thought this was just the most embarrassing moment of my life,” Port says of the video below, featuring West Coast Vogue contributing editor Lisa Love and Anna Wintour’s right hand Andre Leon Talley.

Check it out:

“Come to think of it, it still is!” the 23-year-old confirms of the epic fall she took in Hilary Swank’s Oscar gown. “But it made me learn to laugh at myself and realize that picking yourself up, both figuratively and literally, is just a part of life.”

Apparently the literal falling is more frequent than the figurative. Whitney goes on to describe a recent spill she took in a restaurant in New York City’s Meatpacking district.

“For some reason I was whispering to myself, ‘Don’t fall, don’t fall’…I fell flat on my ass!  The worst part is that the only people who saw it were my boyfriend and his best friend, the worst people I could think of to see it happen!”

Boyfriend, Whitney?

She has been snapped on and off the set of The City with several eligible-looking boys. Check out our photo gallery of Port’s potential beaus, then leave us your comments with who you think the lucky guy is.