American Idol

American Idol is making a change or two for it’s March 10 return on the Fox Network.

From further development of singers to the now-standard cost slashing of extravagant specials, Idol will have the same magic with modified trappings.

Such as:

  • Return of the Wild Card: The popular gimmick gave voted-out contestants a shot at getting back in the game (Clay Aiken reentered and won runner up to Ruben Studdard in Season 2 thanks to a wild card).
  • Fewer train wreck auditions: Producers will forgo more colorful (read: horrifying) contestants and focus on ‘aspirational’ singers, a memo said.
  • More Horses in the Stable: The semifinals round will now feature 36, as opposed to 24, contestants.
  • What ‘Gives’?: The hugely popular, and serious fundraiser, “Idol Gives Back ” will now appear every other season, and will not be held the coming time around.

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