Heidi Montag Puckers Up for Santa

The unholy couple known as Spencer Pratt, 25, and Heidi Montag, 22, invaded Robertson Boulevard in Los Angeles over the weekend, shopping for baby clothes (?), double-teaming Santa Claus’ lap, and repeatedly kissing for the cameras.

The newly marrieds (at least they say they are) were spotted oohing and aahing over tot fashions at Lisa Klein Kids and Kitson Kids.

Were the purchases they made for a friend for themselves or for charity?

Heidi and Spencer’s allegedly drug-induced (according to Spencer’s mother-in-law) Mexican wedding was confusing enough to the general public.

Tom Cruise thought so, and he’s sort of accustomed to unusual behavior.

The world may not ready for a Speidi baby!

Suri Cruise, for instance, cannot be keen on giving up her status as the most photographed child in America. And if Heidi and Spencer’s speculative child knows what’s good for it, Suri will not be provoked.

Of course, the fame-hungry couple may just be fooling around with baby clothes to stir up the paparazzi and profit off the media attention.

In other Speidi-world activity, the photo-manic pair have launched a captioning contest.

Competitively witty caption writers are vying to win a deluxe 2009 calendar that offers 12 months of Montag and Pratt.

These very holiday photos might crop up on the December 2009 page!

Hopefully they offered Santa a cut of the profits for his participation.