Miley Cyrus: Christmas Party Performer for Hire

For some employees, the annual work Christmas party involves stale cookies and punch in the company break room, and an unwanted secret Santa gift from Big Lots.

But for those who work at Lanier Law Firm in Houston, Texas, the “Christmas Cheers and Charity” party Sunday night came with the added bonus of a performance by Hannah Montana starlet Miley Cyrus!

E! Online reported that the 16-year-old “Fly On the Wall” superstar arrived in Texas with her entourage to get ready for her big corporate gig. Miley was said to be performing for 7,000 employees of the firm owned my Mark Lanier.

The company’s annual Christmas party benefitted the charity Guatemala SANA for Needy Guatemalans. A source told E! that Cyrus was paid “close to $1 million” (other sources say $200 thousand) to entertain Lanier’s employees.

The shindig went down at a sprawling private ranch in Houston.

Previous performers at the “Christmas Cheers and Charity” get-together have included the Dixie Chicks and Dolly Parton.

Would you want Miley to add some holiday cheer to your work party?