Nicole Kidman Blows Her Didgeridoo

Nicole Kidman, 41, and Hugh Jackman, 41, appeared on a German television show, Wetten, dass . . ? (Wanna bet?) to shill their new epic Australia, and Nicole was forced to perform with an instrument from her native land.

The Daily Mail reports that the two actors taped their appearance in the German city of Stuttgart.

The things you have to do to promote a flick.

Unfortunately for Kidman, her attempt to appease host Thomas Gottschalk by blowing a sour note on the didgeridoo has caused controversy in Australia.

The Aboriginal instrument is considered sacred by its people. Their folklore suggests that a woman should not play it for fear of being rendered infertile.

Allen Madden, of Sydney’s Metropolitan Aboriginal Land Council, said Kidman ought to know better, according to The Age.

Kidman, who had suffered miscarriages during her marriage to Tom Cruise, had the specter of infertility hovering over her until the conception of a little girl named Sunday Rose, 4 months old.

Nicole certainly doesn’t seem like the type to intentionally offend people from her homeland.

Especially since she credits the magical waterfalls of Oz for the miracle of Sunday Rose!