Remember When: Kristen Stewart Was in ‘Panic Room’?

Kristen Stewart is living the high life at the moment, after appearing in one of this year’s biggest hits, Twilight. Have you heard of it?

This isn’t the 18-year-old actress’s first big-time movie, however.

She starred alongside Jodie Foster in the 2002 thriller, Panic Room.

Kristen’s stellar acting as a panicked asthmatic daughter in the movie earned the brunette some great buzz.  She went on to score parts in increasingly more acclaimed movies, like Cold Creek Manor and Into the Wild (with Sean Penn).

Although Kristen is so busy she can hardly stop to eat, her next project (aside from the inevitable Twilight sequels, starting with New Moon) is playing teen-rocker icon Joan Jett.

Joan was famous for fronting the all-girl punk-glam band the Runaways.  Joan was rocking long before there was any chance of remembering when Kristen Stewart was anything.

But take a look at Kristen way back in the day. Wasn’t she a cutie?