Shenae Grimes: 9021 Oh No?

Star reports that Shenae Grimes, the 19-year-old Canadian starlet who portrays transplanted Midwesterner Annie on the CW’s re-imagining of 90210, is having issues with her job.

Issues as in tardiness from partying a little hard.

Oh, Shenae, why be the cliche?

Grimes recently hosted the Gemini Awards alongside 90210 original cast member Jason Priestley on November 28 in their Canadian homeland. Witnesses reported that Grimes was “totally wired—practically vibrating” during the show.

“It’s impossible to be that high-energy without some help,” an “insider” speculates.

Shenae’s previous claim to fame was appearing on the N’s Degrassi: The Next Generation. She has also recently been the focus of eating disorder rumors due to her thin frame.

On the set of 90210, Grimes was allegedly “showing up late for filming and is forgetting her lines.  People on set are complaining that she’s more trouble than she’s worth.”

There is also a story that Grimes’ parents are trying to get her some help, but she has been resisting so far and saying that she doesn’t have a problem.

Why does this sound like a storyline from the show she’s on?