Taylor Swift and Vanessa Hudgens: Battle of the B'Days

Taylor Swift and Vanessa Hudgens: Battle of the B'Days-photo

Taylor Swift and Vanessa Hudgens both had birthdays this weekend—the country crooner turned 19 on Saturday, while the High School Musical sweetheart hit the big 2-0 on Sunday—and both rang in their big days with squeaky-clean, wholesome-as-milk activities.

Nessie celebrated her b'day with her 21-year-old beau and High School Musical co-star Zac Efron, who showed up at her house with a bouquet of flowers and a big gift under his arm. The two then drove off for dinner at Los Angeles restaurant Stanley's.

What could Zac have bought his lady love? Apparently, that's a private matter, and from the looks of their recent shopping excursions, perhaps it should stay that way.

Oh, and Hudgens also received a brand-new Audi convertible, though it's not known who bestowed her with that particular gift.

Swift, meanwhile, kept things similarly low-key. People magazine reports that Tay-Tay gathered family, friends and bandmates at her Hendersonville, Tennessee, home on Saturday for an intimate shindig marked by bacon-wrapped scallops, a ping-pong tournament (won by the singer's manager) and S'mores—those gooey campfire favorites—cooked over an outdoor fire pit.

Wow; someone call the National Enquirer! Scandal city!

No word on what Swift wished for as she blew out the candles on her two Cold Stone Creamery ice-cream cakes.

But she could be forgiven if it involved grievous bodily harm to a certain 10,000 BC actress.

Which party would you have preferred to attend? Leave a preference in comments.



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  • Katie P.
    Katie P.

    I would totally go to Taylor Swift's party. Not that I'm a big fan of her music or anything , but Vanessa's birthday was celebrated personally with her beau (so why would you be a third wheel??). On the other hand, swifts was with her family & friends, so it would totally make more sense to be attending that one. But of course, how can one ever pass out on smores by the campfire and a ping pong tournament?? (:

  • taylor2000

    i go as taylor so what? :P you go birthday with your family and friends and they never speak if vanessa party ever have famous people! so zip it if you say taylor party boring you dont even go to her party so how would you know? :P so stop acting like you know her

  • anti-hag

    Crap. Taylor of course. over the years, Vanesomething has turned into a total hag. Watch her, she's trying to look like 40 now but when she turns 40 (if we'll still even remember her then) she'll be trying to look 20 again. Talk about stupid. Act your age, idiots. anyway, Tay FTW.

  • zanashly

    i absloutly love nessa and shes like a sister so i wouldnt miss her b'd for even mac daman

  • gigi

    i would defo gone to vanessas there are so many reasons to go to hers like you will meet amazing people and at taylors would have just have been BORING!