Anne Hathaway ‘Vogue’s It Up

Anne Hathaway’s ongoing romantic woes notwithstanding, life is going fairly well for the 26-year-old actress.

Not only is her latest flick, Rachel Getting Married, getting positive nods from the Golden Globe folks, but Hathaway has scored the cover of the January 2009 issue of Vogue

In the accompanying story, Hathaway strolls and chats with journalist Sally Singer about a wide variety of topics. Between shopping for cheap lingerie in London’s Oxford Circus, the Princess Diaries actress reveals some intimate details of her ever-fascinating life.

On her relationship with recently incarcerated con man Raffaello Follieri: “I was a 21-year-old kid when I met him. It wasn’t a huge, dramatic breakup. We were in the process of winding it down when he was arrested. I don’t talk about this, except when I’m asked. It’s not a part of my life anymore. It’s a complicated situation that has the ability to define me in ways I am not comfortable with.”

On her newfound love of strength training: “I’m proud of myself when I’m deep in a squat, pulling from my core.”

On simplifying her life: “I realized that the past five years of my life had been spent accumulating things I like but never asked if I love.”

Good on Hathaway for rejecting the rampant materialism that held her spirit down.

But, truth be told, the choice might not have been all hers alone.

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