Go Fug Yourself: A Year to Remember

As any discerning fan of fashion knows, Go Fug Yourself is the most outspoken, yet kindhearted, arbiter of style on the Internet.

No one is better qualified to offer Celebuzz the pinnacles of couture for 2008, followed by a strong suit of best sartorial wishes for 2009.

We at Go Fug Yourself spend most of the year pointing our talons of judgment at fashion foibles, but nothing warms the cockles of our cold hearts quite like someone who gets it right: Marion Cotillard’s gorgeous Oscar dress kicked off 2008 on the right foot—miraculously turning the words “fish scales” into something complimentary—and Nicole Richie let the baby weight drop off gracefully, memorably allowing her curves to speak for themselves. 

But our standout of the year has to be Britney Spears. Not so long ago, she was bald, bleary-eyed, and beating off the paparazzi with an umbrella; now she’s on the comeback trail with a hot new song and a knockout appearance at the VMAs in a sparkly silver mini that reminded us of the sunny, sexy, and above all clean Britney of yore.

That was a LONG journey back, y’all. She’s easily the best bright spot of 2008, and we hope 2009 surprises us with a similarly unexpected fairy tale.

For instance, since her brief rehab stay, Kirsten Dunst has been out of the spotlight—it’s high time (no pun intended) for her to burst back onto the scene in something fabulous. And we’re dying to see Mischa Barton put away her unflattering micro-minis and start looking gorgeous. But we’re most excited to see how rock-and-roll chick Ashlee Simpson-Wentz reinvents her look now that she’s a mother.

Good, bad, or fugly, that’s going to be fun.