Heidi and Spencer’s Shotglass Wedding

Sounds like Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt have been taking shots someplace other than the firing range lately.

People magazine reports that the Hills sweethearts were—better sit down for this—drunk out of their skulls when they decided to have a quickie wedding in Mexico late last month.

Pratt and Montag’s 22-year-old Hills castmate, Lauren “Lo” Bosworth, expressed dismay on Monday night’s The Hills: Live After the Show.

Lo had witnessed the duo knocking back alarming amounts of champagne and tequila while formulating their hasty nuptials.

“You know what Patron does to me,” 22-year-old wife-to-be Montag allegedly told her future husband as they guzzled. “It gets me crazy.”

“She was drunk!” Bosworth exclaimed on the after-show. “I don’t know if she was drunk when they actually got married, but the night before she was. She just needed that little push—the Patron push.”

Hmm; shouldn’t Montag be drinking consecrated wine, what with her being a super Christian and all?

Nonetheless, the pre-matrimonial public drunkenness puts to rest Heidi’s mother Darlene Egelhoff’s suggestion that Pratt, 25, must have drugged her precious snowflake in order to drag her to the altar.