Kate Winslet and Leonard Dicaprio: On the ‘Road’ Again

Last night, Kate Winslet, 34, and Leonardo DiCaprio, 35, attended the premiere of their new film, Revolutionary Road, at the Mann Village in Los Angeles. The new film about suburban angst in America marks the first time the two have worked together since their global super smash Titanic in 1997.

It’s also the first time Kate has worked with her director husband of five years, Sam Mendes, 43.

Kate has already spoken of the “meltdown” she had when having to perform love scenes with DiCaprio directed by her husband.

The movie, in which Winslet and DiCaprio play a troubled couple in 1950s New England, is far and away a different thing from the “My Heart Will Go On” romance of Titanic.

“This is not the movie that most people expected to see,” DiCaprio told InStyle. “But that was part of the idea.”

Revolutionary Road has already been nominated for a Best Picture Golden Globe, and Kate and Leo are up for best actress and actor.

Winslet, who was accused by the British press of having had her image airbrushed in a recent Vanity Fair profile, looked slim and stunning in a black Balmain dress with a jeweled shoulder strap along with Christian Louboutin peep toe heels.

The profile, ironically, mentioned the intense media focus on Winslet’s fluctuating weight and how she felt that she was one of the only “fat” actresses in Hollywood after her breakout Titanic role.

Winslet’s representative denied any image alteration in the magazine, and the rep was obviously in the right.