Kids 'Idol'-ize Simon Cowell More Than God

Kids 'Idol'-ize Simon Cowell More Than God-photo

The children of Luton, England, have had their say. According to the kids, God won't be able to save the Queen. And it may be too late to save Himself, as well!

The New York Daily News reports that 1,600 children under the age of 10 were polled in the London suburb, ranking American Idol and X Factor judge Simon Cowell as more famous than both God and the Queen of England.

Last year Cowell was fifth in the survey, while the top two spots were taken by the Queen and God, respectively.

Maybe now Ellen DeGeneres will finally ease up on lambasting the 49-year-old television mogul.

For someone at his level of fame, Cowell should have a better security detail. He recently found a mysterious tracking device embedded in his Bentley.

Then again, at times Simon really does have God-like qualities; he somehow convinced Britney Spears and Beyoncé to fly across the Atlantic to perform on the British response to American Idol.

Check out Beyoncé doing her hit "If I Were A Boy" on the this past weekend's X Factor finale:



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  • Yas

    People only judge him by his public persona, and that's not who he is at all. He's a gentle and caring man. He does things for charity that most people don't even know about just because don't go around flauting it, unlike other celebrities. Know the man before you judge. He deserves all the fame he's git and I really like him.

  • hispanicatthedisco

    Simon Cowell should be packed into a rocket and shot directly into the sun.

  • sbaran

    Why does he always wear t-shirts? Hanes His Way? Does anyone really like the guy?

  • bawwow


  • Britney

    I don't get his appeal, is it the accent? Muscle shirts with chest hairs poking out?