Paris Hilton and Gerard Butler: Dating?

Gerard Butler probably thought he had his hands full fighting off an army of Persians as King Leonidas in the 2006 sword-and-skirts flick 300, but that’s just a warm-up for his latest challenge.

British newspaper the Daily Star reports that the RocknRolla stud is the current notch on the bedpost for 27-year-old, oft-dated heiress and reality star Paris Hilton.

Paris could be in rebound mode, having broken up with long-term boyfriend Benji Madden, 29, in November.

Sources for the paper say that the 39-year-old Scottish actor—who was rumored to be seeing temporarily single actress Jennifer Aniston in October—has taken up with the Simple Life gal, and that she has bestowed him with the loving nickname “Braveheart.”

Well, duh; it takes a bold soul to try to grow a lasting love where so many men have failed before.

Nightlife moles recently spotted the pair at Los Angeles watering hole Bar Deluxe, where they took great pains not to be photographed together.

Smart move on Butler’s part; he’s already discovered how an unfortunate snap of a pap’s camera can seriously mar a guy’s reputation.

Good thing that Butler has already embraced the power of prayer in his life; he may need some help if he intends to tame the wild heiress.

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