Suri Cruise: Star of Stage and Screen?

Tom Cruise, 46, told Us that he would “love it” if his daughter Suri, 2, became an actress.

Hasn’t she been photographed enough already? He’s taking this Top Tot thing a little too far.

“I’d love it. I’d love it,” he said at the Valkyrie premiere yesterday. “Acting is … a great life to get to entertain people and create characters and stories.”

Tom, who is shopping around his Nazi movie, says that Suri even knows how to handle herself on movie sets.

“It’s amazing how quickly she adapted to set,” he said about his little girl. “To know to be quiet when I’m shooting … I mean, Suri was great on the set.”

Well, chalk that up to fear of Xenu.

Cruise feels that because Suri has begun to talk now, she can probably handle scripts and learning her lines.

“Her vocabulary is great,” Cruise said. “The ones that we love are, ‘I love you.’ I love hearing ‘I love you, dada. I love you, mama.'”

This doesn’t mean she should be doing Ibsen!

Suri might have just caught the acting bug, though. She’s been living with mom Katie Holmes, 29, in NYC this fall as Katie peformed in All My Sons and she’s been observing the theatre firsthand. She’s pretty much the toast of the NYC cultural scene.