Tom Cruise Fends Off Masked Men at ‘Valkyrie’ Premiere

Apologist Tom Cruise’s new Nazi-drama-thriller Valkyrie premiered in New York City at Jazz at Lincoln Center.

The film details a failed plot by highly placed Nazi’s to assassinate German dictator Adolf Hitler during World War II.

The debut narrowly escaped a group of anti-Scientology protesters who were planning on throwing a monkey wrench into the proceedings., an organization dedicated to exposing what it considers to be shortcomings in Cruise’s religion, obtained their permit to assemble very late Monday. That, compounded with a location mix-up, meant only a few protesters got near the red carpet.

Cruise, 46, a major spokesperson for Scientology, has been one of’s favorite targets. A faction protested at the opening of Tom’s wife Katie Holmes’ Broadway debut in All My Sons in September.

“Anonymous ruined [Katie’s] photos by being in the background. They didn’t want the same thing [at Valkyrie],” an insider told MSNBC. “Tom loves being with his fans, signing autographs. It’s really where he shines. He and the fans lose out this way.” 

“Tom never came out to talk to us,” complained one protester. “That said, I think we were able to get our message out about Scientology peacefully.”

Despite the group’s disruptive efforts, Cruise spoke easily to media outlets about his role as Colonel Claus von Stauffenberg in the film.

He even took time to confess to ET that daughter Suri has become a bit of a fashionista and is dictating her Mom’s wardrobe.

“We went to some huge event, and Suri had insisted that Kate wear these blue shoes,” Tom said. “So she’s very insistent.”

So Suri is responsible for some of Katie’s more outlandish fashion choices. It’s all coming clear now.