‘Twilight’ Sequel Cast: More Shake-Ups?

The drama surrounding the cast and crew of Twilight has just taken a couple of new twists.

Following news that 53-year-old director Catherine Hardwicke had been 86ed from the planned sequel New Moon in favor of Golden Compass helmsman Chris Weitz, 39, and that actor Taylor Lautner, 15, most likely won’t be reprising the role of werewolf Jacob Black, MTV reports that two new actors are being fast-tracked for parts in the upcoming flick.

Filming is scheduled to begin in a little more than two months.

Lautner’s likely successor is Scorpion King 2 actor Michael Copon, whom Weitz is said to be seriously considering for the Jacob Black role. And that’s apparently A-OK with the 26-year-old Copon, who updated his Facebook page with messages reading, “Michael Copon [is] in a Twilight Zone!” and “Michael Copon is the older Jacob Black!”

Way to show enthusiasm, Michael—and to rub it in Taylor Lautner’s face when he’s already down.

Also lobbying for a New Moon role is Ben Barnes, best known for his title role in this year’s Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian. The 27-year-old is said to have the inside track for the role of mind-reading vampire Aro thanks to his already existing popularity with Twilight fans.

It probably doesn’t hurt that he shares the same agent as Twilight star Cam Gigandet.

Unless, of course, Gigandet is the next one to get the heave-ho from the budding franchise. Much like vampires, show biz can really suck sometimes.