Vanessa Hudgens Gets the Boot, Dior-Style

High School Musical starlet Vanessa Hudgens turned 20 on Sunday (December 14), and she’s been doing plenty of celebratory shopping since then!

V-Hud and her mom Gina set out to find a brand-new bed for the actress in Glendale on Monday. Wearing a white knit cap, a coat and giant black Dior boots, Hudgens was all decked out for the rainy Southern California winter weather.

But is that real fur on those boots? Vanessa ought to be glad she didn’t come face-to-face with any animal activists, as Naomi Campbell recently did outside a hotel in Dublin.

Hudgens was also photographed—by a fan—while shopping last week with her boyfriend and HSM co-star Zac Efron, 21, in a porn store.

Rather than shy away or refuse to be photographed, the game, happy couple posed and smiled with their lucky fellow shopper.

Vanessa is set to grace the 2009 big screen in director Todd Graff’s Bandslam.  The inspirational teenage tale presents a high-school reject who pals up with the popular girl in class through their shared love of cool and obscure music.  Together, they aim to conquer the local battle of the bands!

Guess who plays the popular girl?

Gosh, a new bed, adult novelties, edgy indie move…what better way to kiss the teenage years goodbye!