VIDEO: Lady GaGa and David Archuleta, Together at Last!

VIDEO: Lady GaGa and David Archuleta, Together at Last!-photo

The Almighty has one seriously twisted sense of humor.

An ice storm ravaged the Northeast on Friday, knocking out power in more than a million homes throughout New York and New England.

And yet somehow, Mother Nature's wrath spared New York radio station Z100's Jingle Ball concert on Friday night, thus allowing Lady GaGa and David Archuleta to appear in the same room, resulting in one of the most awkward exchanges ever committed to video.

Twenty-two-year-old "Poker Face" singer GaGa (born Joanne Stefani Germanotta) and 17-year-old American Idol alum Archuleta (born under a bad sign) both performed at the concert. The electronica diva and the scruffy-mopped crooner hit it off—sort of—backstage and, well, did this:

Whoa; that's some white-hot eroticism between those two. Put yourselves on Hook-Up Alert, people; these guys will be engaged before the year is out. Bank on it.



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  • Shir

    Lady GaGa is sooooooo sweet! And how cute is archy

  • gaga over archugaga
    gaga over archugaga

    :))) that is the freakin cutest thing i've ever seen. i swear. but shes 23 and he's 18! look cute together, tho.

  • fangirl

    Lady Ga Ga goes Ga Ga over David Archuleta! They just can't keep their hands off him.

  • annie

    No, No, David is just normally polite to all. I can't imagine him with a wild species of a girl.No. Not David at all. If she changes he may develop an interest. A MAJOR change for Lady G to make this happen.

  • kate

    hahahahahaha cute.

  • efwarg

    aww davids so shy i love both of them