Aubrey O’Day Is Equal Opportunity

Aubrey O’Day, 24, the performer who was booted out of Diddy creation Danity Kane, has lately made a name for herself by being linked with socialite/party girl and actress Lydia Hearst-Shaw, 24, and other women.

Wait a sec. Aubrey’s gay? Aubrey O’Gay?

“At this point in my life, I wouldn’t say one way or another what my preference is sexually,” the former Danity Kane singer tells Us.

O’Day was heard referring to a female companion as her “girlfriend” at the Zen Green Tea Liqueur launch party last Wednesday.

And she’s getting around. She was seen with another young lady at a Nascar Sprint party earlier in the month.

What’s the deal, O’Day? Or is this some sort of attempt to remain relevant?

“The only thing I’m looking for in life is incredible passion and honest love…no matter what options are on the table,” she says. “All I really operate on is the way I feel in my heart when it comes to love.”

That’s romantic.

She’s certainly keeping her heart open by letting photos of herself be taken while she’s crouching on the floor of clubs and soaking wet, looking for business.