Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s $200 Mil Prenup

Has Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt’s ever-expanding brood finally pressured them into marriage?

Star magazine reports that Jolie, 33, and Pitt, 44, are taking a major step toward the altar—by crafting an elaborate prenuptial agreement estimated at $200 million.

Whoa; $200 million? That’s, like, at least a dozen of those fancy tables that Pitt is so fond of!

According to a loose-lipped family friend, the agreement was Pitt’s idea. “He wants a prenup in place that spells out everything—their finances, their property and who will raise their children in case something happens.”

Apparently, Pitt’s pragmatism is being driven by the string of failed relationships that the two have left in their wake, and he’d like to keep things “neat and tidy” in case their marriage goes similarly kaput.

Sources say, however, that Jolie doesn’t see eye-to-eye on the matter, and regards the financial agreement as evidence “that deep down Brad may still harbor doubts.”

Or maybe he’s just being sensible.

After all, anyone who’s followed the news recently knows that an ounce of prevention is is worth several million pounds of cure