Cute Looks vs Huh?

It’s that time of the week again! The past seven days were filled with a variety of outfits worn by favorite (and not-so-favorite) stars. Celebuzz brings out the best and the worst in the newest edition of Cute Looks Vs. Huh?

For a former WWE fighter, Stacy Kiebler, 29, sure knows how to dress for success. The striking blonde wore a silver-sequined mini skirt and matching top that wasn’t over-the-top. She paired the two pieces with a modest blazer.

Speaking of over-the-top, Lily Allen, 23, was snapped shopping in London’s famous Bond Street in sunglasses (it’s winter) and a furry hat that looks like a baby polar bear squatting above her face. Is Lily so desperate to get noticed that she resorts to wearing a plushie on her head?

Move on into the gallery for even more Cute Vs. Huh?

The ever-stylish Lauren Conrad, 22, and Lauren Bosworth, 22, were spotted filming The Hills at Mira’le coffee shop in West Hollywood. The best blonde friends were wearing jeans and scarves in good taste, looking more sophisticated than some ladies twice their age.

Out on the East Coast, way out on the East Coast, Paula Abdul, 46, seems to channel the King of Pop, Michael Jackson, 50, at The Late Show With David Letterman.

And back in L.A., Katherine Heigl, 30, is bursting with too much color.  Did a tomato explode all over her torso?

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