Jennifer Garner Goes Green—and Big

Egads, Jennifer Garner; are you doing an imitation of a Christmas tree?

Draped in green and wide enough to dominate the most spacious living room, the 33-year-old wife of 36-year-old Smokin’ Aces star Ben Affleck proved to be a big presence as she picked up three-year-old daughter Violet Anne from school in Santa Monica, California, yesterday.

Garner, who announced her latest pregnancy in August, currently seems to be somewhere in her fifth trimester.

Long-carrying Jen looks even more pregnant than her 21-year-old costar Ellen Page did near the end of Juno!

Maybe that’s why Violet decided to stop her pouting and help her mother out for once, carrying her cell phone for her.

No doubt the tot has the local hospital on speed dial, ready to notify them that they’ll need to clear a crib or six in the nursery.