Kate Moss: I Love My…Boyfriend Blazer!

At an action-packed 34 years old, Kate Moss is still one of the top names in the modeling industry. The purportedly reformed party girl is also a fashion trendsetter who made the boyfriend blazer a hot item.

While last year was all about the boyfriend cardigan, this year the boyfriend blazer has established fashion dominance, due in no small part to Kate’s efforts. Moss has worn the version she designed for Topshop all over London, wowing and intriguing the public with her savvy mix of masculine style and feminine poise.

Typically, the boyfriend blazer is designed to be slightly too large, with wide shoulders—and, if the wearer prefers, rolled-up sleeves for a full-on hand-me-down look.

Kate, whose ultra-petite frame tends to make everything look slightly too large, has been known to match her boyfriend blazer with skinny jeans, dresses, leggings and ankle boots.

Take a look at her snazzy getup and sound off in the comments if you’re digging her trademark jacket!

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