Katy Perry Is Dis-Engaged

Once again, Katy Perry has something to get off her chest.

Yesterday, the New York Daily News reported that the 24-year-old songbird had gotten engaged to her boyfriend, 28-year-old Gym Class Heroes vocalist Travis McCoy.

Apparently appalled by the notion that McCoy would propose to her, Perry took to her blog today to dispel the story.

In a post titled, “From the horses [sic] mouth,” Perry declares, “NOT engaged! But thanks for the free press New York Daily News! You should fact check with the source before you spread world wide news like that.

Merry Christmas!”

And happy holidays to you, Katy! Thanks for clearing that up!

Interestingly, the Daily News’ story claimed that McCoy had proposed while kissing Katy in Paris and slipping her a ring that he had stashed away in his mouth. And Perry’s blog entry is accompanied by a photo of a humongous dog planting a wet one on her.

Is Perry trying to send a subtle message to the world?

Forget the engagement rumors—set this relationship to Breakup Alert!