Owen Wilson: Life’s a Beach

Owen Wilson, 40, was spotted toweling off after a dip in the Pacific in Malibu. Wilson cracked jokes with a lifeguard, accompanied by his Australian cattle dog Garcia.

When Wilson noticed photographers, he gave a brief wave and then reportedly covered his head with his towel.

Since his suicide attempt in 2007, Wilson appears to have put his life back together and maybe even found peace and contentment.

He has a possible hit movie on his hands with Marley & Me co-starring Jennifer Aniston. It opens on Christmas Day.

He told ET that he was happy to be upstaged by his doggy co-star, and joked about being upstaged by dogs, and Aniston.

“They’re like scene stealers,” Owen kidded. “Don’t work with dogs, Jen, or babies if you want any face time.”

And he’s also got Night at the Museum 2 coming out next year. So the Butterscotch Stallion is not hurting for work.

Now if he could just fully recover from on-again-off-again girlfriend Kate Hudson, 29.

Someone so fickle can’t be good for anyone’s emotional stability!