Top 5 Sexiest Holiday Movie Moments

Woolen mittens, twinkle lights and smoking hot celebs in movies of the season—Celebuzz knows what you like most at Holiday Time. Sexy Christmas Movies!

While sentiment, a great soundtrack and togetherness are all great themes in classic holiday films, there is easily just as much interest in finding racy clips to rewind over and over.

For your consideration, our Top 5 Sexiest Holiday Movie Moments:

5. Die Hard: What? Yes. The original does take place during the holiday season, and largely features a shirtless, heavily bicep’d Bruce Willis. Try gift wrapping those guns.

4. Love Actually: Is there anything as sweet as the reward given to long-suffering Laura Linney’s character in this charming British flick? If you’ve forgotten, it’s tan, eight-pack stunner Rodrigo Santoro.

3. The Holiday: While her infectious giggles have propelled Cameron Diaz into superstardom, who can shake the image of her adorable bum rocking out to The Killers’ “Mr. Brightside” when Diaz’s character rents out a frumpy Kate Winslet’s English Cottage?


2. National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation: From this standard in holiday viewing, there’s always a smile at Chevy Chase’s Clark Griswold fantasizing about a swimming pool in his quaint backyard supplemented by a red-bikini-clad mirage stepping out of it (pay close attention around 0:55).


1. Mean Girls: Sure, it’s more about salacious teens than dancing Santas, but the teeny red-pleather dresses, knee-high boots and whip-action in Lindsay Lohan’s 2004 nasty chick flick is genius. “Jingle Bell” rocks, and so do the ladies prancing below (including Rachel McAdams).


Got a favorite sexy X-mas movie moment of your own?  Share it in comments.

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