Zac and Vanessa Have Basketball Jones

Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens obviously enjoy games. And apparently, some of them don’t involve naughty toys in plain brown wrappers.

The High School Musical stars and real-life couple had court-side seats (hey, celebrity status has its privileges) at the Staples Center in Los Angeles Tuesday night to see the Los Angeles Lakers host the New York Knickerbockers in a thrill-to-the-finish match-up.

The rush of competition and the smell of sweaty athletes seemed to put Efron, 21, and Hudgens, 20, in an amorous mood. When they weren’t caught up in the game, the two lovebirds got awfully cozy.

Also on hand for the event was fellow hoops fan David Beckham, who gave a big hug to Vanessa. (Hmm; guess everyone was feeling lovey-dovey last night.)

The pair’s presence must have had a lucky effect on the Lakers; Kobe Bryant and company squeaked out a 116-114 victory over their East Coast rivals.

Maybe if Zac and Vanessa keep showing up to support the team, Lakers coach Phil Jackson will put the fleet-footed Efron in one of the games.

Efron should be careful, though.

He and Nessie aren’t the only celebs to show up at Lakers games.  If he should run into his arch-rival Leonardo DiCaprio at the Staples Center, Zac just might need his considerable hustle to beat a hasty retreat.