Did Lindsay Lohan’s Stalker Get at Her Hair?

Lindsay Lohan, 22, and breadwinner of the family Samantha Ronson, 31, were spotted leaving Crown Bar in Los Angeles early Thursday morning after a night of clubbing.

Lohan, wearing a pair of leggings from her personal line, was in danger of losing her extensions.

Perhaps she got the add-on tresses caught in something? Or even worse, did the man who recently attacked her grab a handful?

38-year-old Daniel Patrick Combs, a reported longtime stalker of Lohan’s, jumped a barricade to try and grab Lohan as she was exiting the Jackrabbit Lounge with Ronson early Tuesday night.

Combs was detained and released early the next morning, but he has to appear in court on one count of disorderly conduct.

But was Lohan’s hair the real victim here?

Whatever happened, she’d better get those tightened before the New Year’s Eve party she’s hosting at Miami’s Mansion club with Ronson.