Halle Berry's Smokin'

Halle Berry's Smokin'-photo

Here's Halle Berry, 42, filming the last scene of her new movie Frankie and Alice.

Lovers of feel-good flicks should hope the scenes aren't being filmed in order (productions rarely do). If these photos represent the conclusion of her multiple-personality drama, the outcome looks fairly depressing.

The Monster's Ball Academy Award winner is wearing a ratty robe over a skimpy outfit, torn fishnets and bedroom slippers. And she's in Vancouver; so temperatures are chilly.

All Halle's character has to keep her warm is the light of her cigarette!

Berry is playing a woman with multiple personality disorder (actually called dissociative identity disorder nowadays) whose alter ego is a racist white woman. That's going to be difficult at family reunions and on MLK Day.

Berry has de-glamoured herself to play the role. She's been sporting an unkempt Afro, little to no makeup, and has often been filmed chain-smoking.

But it's all acting!  You can be sure Berry will have put all the fabulous pieces back together in time for her just-announced NAACP Image Awards hosting gig alongside Tyler Perry. The ceremony airs February 12 on Fox.

Hopefully, that crazy white lady stays way in the back of her mind.



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  • starcasm

    She also let one of her "berries" slip! http://starcasm.net/archives/2311