Jessica Simpson’s Dirty ‘Do

Celebrity hair stylist Ken Paves has revealed the secret to the flowing blonde locks of his best bud, 28-year-old Jessica Simpson: she doesn’t clean them.

MSN Entertainment reports that Simpson, always a girl with the inclination for the perfect ‘do, rarely washes hair.

“She only washes her hair about two to three times a month. I told Jess a long time ago that you should only wash your hair a few times a week, and in between, rinse it and condition it,” Paves told the website.

The verdict?

“And her hair looks fantastic all the time,” the stylist says. Paves is also in the employ of Eva Longoria Parker.

Jessica, now presumably safe from Label strife, has previously collaborated with Paves on a line of hair extensions and falls, “HairDo,” for the Home Shopping Network.

Think of them as extensions for when you want to feel a little dirty, but look great doing it.

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