Will Smith Donated Over $100K to Scientology

Apparently Will Smith was a big giver in 2007, as the tax returns for his charitable foundation show.

The actor, whose latest film Seven Pounds opens in theaters this weekend, donated $1.3 million to various religious and civic arts groups, Fox News reports.

In what’s sure to add fuel to the fire that Smith, 40, is a closet Scientologist, Fox points out that a combined $122,500 was given to the Church of Scientology, via several donations:


  • $67,500 to the New York Rescue Workers Detoxification Fund
  • $50,000 to the group’s Celebrity Center in Hollywood
  • $5,000 to ABLE, another Scientology offshoot


Rumors of Will Smith being a Scientologist have followed the actor since he developed a close friendship with Tom Cruise, 46.

Will and wife Jada Pinkett Smith, 37, opened a private school called New Village Academy this fall in Calabasas, California. The educational institution uses Scientology learning concepts.

At the Lakeview Terrace premiere in September, Smith commented directly to journalists who asked if he is in fact a Scientologist.

“I am not. The school is using one of Scientology’s teaching tools,” he explained. “You can take different parts of things you like and put them all together.”

Smith’s tax returns also show that he gave born-again Christian organization Yesha Ministries of Philadelphia $250,000 in 2007.

Suburban L.A. Christian ministry Living Waters received $200,000 from the charitable actor.

Maybe he just likes to cover his bets.

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