Salma Hayek Goes Nuts on Alec Baldwin

Salma Hayek can be a pretty ballsy chick. Just as Alec Baldwin.

The 50-year-old 30 Rock star tells British newspaper the Sun that Hayek—who’s doing an extended guest stint on the show—really had her hands full when the two filmed their first scene together.

“Salma plays my mother’s nurse and I find out I have testicular cancer,” reveals Baldwin, who plays sleazy corporate executive Jack Donaghy on the show. “She shoves her hands down my pants and that was the first episode I shot with Salma.”

Apparently there were no hard feelings, as Hayek, 42, went on to appear in a handful of other scenes for the show. “We shot another five episodes after that and she’s just adorable,” Baldwin adds, with an understatement that he’s not often accused of possessing.

Nice to hear that Hayek is continuing her health-awareness streak. And with her new hands-on approach, she’s bound to get the public’s attention.