Tom Cruise Skips Katie's B'Day for 'Valkyrie' Premiere

Tom Cruise Skips Katie's B'Day for 'Valkyrie' Premiere-photo

Will Tom Cruise be in the doghouse upon his return to New York?

The actor attended the Los Angeles premiere of his WW II drama Valkyrie Thursday night at the Directors Guild of America. He had a much less-tense night than that of the New York premiere three days prior.

Decked out in a black suit and white shirt with no tie, Cruise, 46, shared the red carpet with stars such as Carice van Houten, Priscilla Presley, Jenna Elfman and Lorielle New.

However, Thursday was also Tom's wife Katie Holmes' 30th birthday.

With Cruise on the west coast, poor Katie, in New York, had no one to comfort her while she suffered with a cold sore on her milestone day but her two-year-old daughter, Suri.

Hopefully Tom makes it up to her with an extra-special gift for the holidays. He is, after all, in a generous mood lately.



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  • JenLovesRob

    It is not like I believed him when he told Barbra Walters how romantic he was or People magazine what a "family man" he was. But when it is in every newspaper that your wife is in New York while you are in LA all in the same week as the above.... - People are going to talk TOM !!!

  • lulu77

    tom is sooo handsome....

  • hispanicatthedisco

    Holy crap, he looks like he ate a handful of peyote buttons in that top picture.