'Twilight' Fans Fiercely Loyal to Taylor Lautner

'Twilight' Fans Fiercely Loyal to Taylor Lautner-photo

Michael Copon ought to choose his words carefully next time he updates his Facebook profile.

For the past week, the 26-year-old Scorpion King 2 actor has been rumored to be replacing Taylor Lautner, 16, in the role of Jacob Black in the forthcoming Twilight movie sequel, New Moon.

In the book series, Jacob Black's physique drastically grows beyond his natural teenage frame.

Copon's Facebook page was recently adorned with the messages "Michael Copon is in a Twilight Zone!" and "Michael Copon is the older Jacob Black!"

This has riled up some Twilighters, TMZ reports...particularly the ones leaving comments on Copon's profile, such as: "He's [Taylor's] done all the hardwork and so deserves it," "I don't want you playing Jacob Black in New Moon :( because Taylor is perfect and you're a douche."

Meanwhile, according to Taylor Lautner, Michael Copon might be getting a bit ahead of himself.

On Wednesday, the original Jacob Black actor told MTV News, "I've been working out since the day we finished filming 'Twilight.' I just weighed myself today; I've put on 19 pounds. I'm guaranteeing [New Moon director Chris ] Weitz 10 more [pounds] by filming. I get to meet Chris on Friday, in two days, so I'm excited. I'm going to have lunch with him."

He'd better eat something high calorie.

As for whether or not he's been officially nixed from New Moon, Lautner clarifies, "I don't really know too much to comment on it. As far as I know, I haven't been told 'no' yet, so it's still all up in the air... I've heard a lot of good stuff about [Weitz], so I'm excited to meet him. I heard he's like a surfer dude, and that he's really laid-back and friendly. It'll be fun."

Perhaps it's in Michael Copon's best interests, safety-wise, that the Weitz-Lautner meeting goes well!



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  • Missy

    i think they should keep taylor instead of changing another character becayse it's just going to ruin the movie if they keep changing everything

  • Anonymous

    Is everyone Insane?? Did anyone read the books? Jacob should be replaced. He grows from a Teen to Adult. No questions he should just be grateful he was in the first movie. Um wow did you read the books cuz it doesnt seem like it. I read all of the books and Taylor is exactly how i pictured Jacob.

  • twilightlover01

    taylor lautner is perfect as jacob black p.s. like the new hair cut look good w/it!!!!!!!!

  • becca

    Keep Taylor!!!!!! michael is full of himself im sure taylor can workout and get big!

  • Kat

    Is everyone Insane?? Did anyone read the books? Jacob should be replaced. He grows from a Teen to Adult. No questions he should just be grateful he was in the first movie. The thing is, Taylor knows Jacob because he's done the research. He doesn't have to look older for the story to flow. If we stuck to every detail in the book, they'd have to recast most of the current cast members. The only one who fit the description of the book character to a tee was Kellan Lutz!

  • brittanyblack

    am a true taylor lautner fan i want him gto be jacob black in all the 3 movies new moon eclipes breaking dawn he is the best jacob black ever an i don't care what the taylor haters have to say team taylor all the way

  • Jessica

    Personally i LOVE TAylor. He has the perfect additude to play jacob. he is a very happy person just like jacob and well... he's hott. If he puts of a few more pounds he'll be PERFECT for New Moon

  • ME

    first of all i absolutly loved the twilight books then i saw the movie and taylor made me fall in love with the movie…he is gorgeous and deserves to stay! if he doesnt fit the requirements who gives. the character has been set by taylor and he fits it perfect. dont replace him please!! =[

  • peachess

    they'd better keep him. and cut his hair short not long like in the 1st one. hes fiiiiiiiiiiiineee

  • edwardcullenlovexo

    Taylor is the best Jacob that anyone will find and i hate that retarded f*cked up ugly ***hole copon who wants to replace him . the rest of the movies wont be the same they are ruining the the best books ever !

  • Nadia

    Is everyone Insane?? Did anyone read the books? Jacob should be replaced. He grows from a Teen to Adult. No questions he should just be grateful he was in the first movie. Not even Michael would be tall enough though. Either way one of them has to have special effects. I personally would like Taylor to stay since Jacob's face never changes.

  • Jahni

    Rob Pattinson is the c*ckiest arrogant greasy sel f centered person I have ever seen. Watch one interview with the guy. They basically casted a man who is the complete opposite of Edward. But did it matter in the movie? No. It did not. So why does it matter if the new jacob is c*cky in real life? It doesnt. If he is going to be a more realistic Jacob, I say change actors!

  • boobs

    besides, he was in the first movie for about 2 minutes and had a good three lines, get over it. By the time the movie comes out, no one would even care. at all.

  • Boobs

    Jacob is suppose to be big strong and sexy in the second book. Did you guys read it? who cares if Alice is taller in the movie. Its less noticable than someone looking ten years too young and having no muscles. They should change him. Fo Sho

  • Boobs

    Taylor is ugly. He is scrawny and has a big nose. Get a life you losers.

  • Arelia

    I am so so mad this is crazy I lovvvvve Taylor and exactly how I thought Jacob would be he is also cute and an amazing actor.I vow not to watch new moon if he is replaced .I am Soooooo f** * ing. MAD .Thhat other guy isn't a good Actor he sucks.

  • Nooooooooo

    How in the hell is he replaced !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I am so not watching the next movie same with a lot of other people

  • Kristin

    I READ ALL FOUR BOOKS WAY BEFORE THE MOVIE CAME OUT, and i'm currently reading MS on my computer. I used to be Switzerland, but now I'm Team Edward... anyway.... KEEP TAYLOR. ome. the producers or whatever are too cheap to use makeup or special effects.

  • jen

    C'mon what is this, the moment they recast stars the sequel is bound to end up as a failure. E.g. George of the Jungle 2 haha. Donna you are so right, Ashley Greene is 5'5" in real life yet has to play a 4'10" Alice Cullen, or what about Brad Pitt playing an aged baby? Technologycan do anything these days, and with the money Summit made from Twilight, im guessing they have alot of spare cash that could come in handy.

  • Makala

    Clearly Summit has never encountered extremely devoted fans. If Taylor Lautner isn't Jacob Black, bad things can and will happen.

  • Jen

    Excuse me, but Jacob is native American. Copon is part filipino and looks nothing like I would picture any native American. Copon is arrogant. Twilight fans will never accept him as Jacob so dream on. He justs wants to ride on the Twilight fame coattails. Taylor is Jacob. Period.

  • Molly.

    Read any interview with Copon, and it's obvious he doesn't have the maturity to handle a role in such a huge movie. Taylor's close to 10 years younger than Copon, and handles this whole situation, and all the Twilight press, with more maturity than Copon could even begin to muster up. In any case, technology is so good nowadays that they can do anything to alter a human body caught on film. If Lautner doesn't look EXACTLY like Jacob should, Summit should just keep him and get creative with special effects people. At least he's putting in the effort to keep the part.

  • ihatecopon

    OMG! they can NOT do this to Taylor. i agree with some of you guys saying that taylor has worked hard and deserves to be in NEW MOON! He is sooooo cute and we NNEEEDDD him! I think it is good that Taylor is working really hard on trying to keep his role. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK! p.s. BOOO Copon! *psh LOSER*

  • Ashley

    There is NO ONE who could replace Taylor!! He is the perfect Jacob!! That's like replacing Robert Pattinson!! It just doesn't work like that. We love Taylor!! So come on people, keep voting at mtv.com!!

  • sophie

    lautner FTW. Copon looks like a backstreet boy.


    TAYLOR SHOULD TOTALLY STAY!!!!!!! I mean if they change him it will ruin everything...they started with him and they should end with him! Plus Taylor is super SEXY!!!!!!!!

  • Texas

    Keep Taylor!! Taylor is perfect. This guys is almost 30 years old and is just in it for the money.

  • stephanie

    noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo nobody can do this. Taylor Lautner is the best JACOB BLACK for twilight and the rest of the movies. No one can ever replace hiiiiiiiiiiimm!!!!!!

  • keemii143

    no way! no one can replace taylor lautner as jacob black! he's a young adult. i know he can do it! go taylor! we love you! and lastly michael copon is just nothing! bleeh :P

  • WereCullenGurl101

    i think that a) michael copon is a jackass who needs to go and take a look in the mirror (he's really not all that!), b) ashley should go if taylor goes, give the twilight fans something to really protest, we can't lose everybody! c) if they change the jacob actor, not many fans are going to like the new jacob, even if he is supposed to shoot up and i think we all know that taylor's not doing that really soon (but i mean come one! at least the guy has muscles) and d) we all need to get under control, but DO go to MTV and vote for "our boy" TAYLOR LAUTNER to get the part of jacob on the debate/voting thing on mtv.com! he's winning so far, let's keep up the streak!

  • snapnhiss

    The older guy is better looking.

  • analizc

    taylor lautner is perfect as jacob black! taylor has to be in new moon in twilight the book wasn't exactly like the movie but i liked it and is going to be he same with new moon!

  • lulu77

    i love taylor lautner...but if u decided to replace him it's ok..i think it's in the story....

  • Donna

    what kind of saga movie is that when there's going to be a change in the characters?! They chose Taylor on the first place and good thing people loves him and now it's rumored that Taylor will be replace by COPON, just because Taylor's not big enough. huh. Then what about Ashley greene? she's not 4'10 as what the book says on Alice Cullen. right? Ashley said that if they would replace Taylor, then they should replace her too. How bad is that? loosing two of the twilight stars??

  • hannah

    i love Jacob Black played as Taylor Lautner he has made so many girls fall in love with the character, Jacob he should DEFIANTLY play the role.

  • Julie

    Is everyone Insane?? Did anyone read the books? Jacob should be replaced. He grows from a Teen to Adult. No questions he should just be grateful he was in the first movie.