Leighton Meester: Singing on the Edge

Actor-to-musician transitions usually aren’t particularly adventurous, but Leighton Meester promises to break the cycle of blandness.

The Gossip Girl vixen is readying the release of her as-yet-untitled debut album—tentatively due in the spring—and in the February 2009 issue of Teen Vogue she explains that it will be a provocative collection of rollicking tunes.

“The music is very fun,” Meester reveals. “It’s edgy, like electro-pop rather than bubblegum, and you can dance to it.”

Well, duh; how could it not be edgy? The gal who plays Blair Waldorf was born to an incarcerated, drug-dealing mother. Twenty-two years later, she’s still hanging out with lowlifes and struggling with the pain of a brutal existence. Her record’s probably going to make Metallica sound like Barry Manilow.

While waiting for Meester’s blistering new platter to drop, check out this rad video of her Teen Vogue photo shoot:

Aw, yeah; all hail the Queen of Edge!