The Jennifer Aniston Files

It’s been a big year for Jennifer Aniston, 39. She’s got a new home in Beverly Hills, an on-again boyfriend in John Mayer, 31, and a new comedy, Marley & Me, which hits theaters Christmas day. Jen earned admiration from fans for maintaining poise and resilience after husband-stealing Angelina Jolie, 34, snagged Brad Pitt, 45. Aniston rebounded with her The Break-Up costar Vince Vaughn, 38. She’s one of the biggest A-listers in Hollywood, yet she still resembles the girl next door—her glamour is accessible and earnest. So what’s Jen’s secret to staying on top?

Celebuzz has the scoop on how to live like Jen!


Fresh-faced beauty Jennifer Aniston wears very natural makeup. She doesn’t overdo it like some celebs. She’s almost conservative in her approach. But earlier this year, Star Magazine claimed that Jennifer Aniston sought treatment for some trouble spots, and that she plumped her upper lip with injections.

After examining photos, Palm Beach, Florida-based cosmetic dermatologist Kenneth Beer, M.D., who specializes in facial injectables, said: “I believe there is definitely a difference in the volume and shape of her lips. The two peaks of the upper portion of her lip underneath the nose look more prominent and well-defined. Also, the facial line on the right side of her smile is pretty much gone.”

The treatments Jennifer is believed to have used to give her mouth a youthful pout cost about $2,500 a pop. To maintain the look, she’ll need touch-ups twice a year. No matter how much plumper those lips seem, they’ll never measure up to Angelina’s trademark smackers.


Jennifer Aniston is a great example of how to maintain a healthy weight with exercise. She shed several pounds and stays toned up doing Budokon (a combo of martial arts, yoga and meditation) and yoga three times a week.

Jen tones her legs by jogging on the spot in her swimming pool, too. This water workout uses 165 calories in just 15 minutes.


A long-time devotee of the Zone Diet, Jen does a good job at maintaining a healthy ratio of carbs to fat to protein. Although she’s pretty mum about her diet secrets and occasional indulgences, she reportedly eats salads by the bushel with lean proteins. One of her favorite ethnic foods is Mexican.


Jen has been spotted with boy toy John Mayer at Manhattan hot spot Waverly Inn. She’s also a restaurant connoisseur. The former Friends star habitually pleases her palate at a sushi joint called Nobu Malibu in California, the Ivy (notorious for its celeb scene), Il Sole on Sunset in Hollywood (her favorite Italian restaurant) and, of course, Tex-Mex cuisine at Marix Tex Mex Café in West Hollywood.