Wine and Molly Ringwald: Gwyneth’s Favorite Things

How refreshing that there’s a little fan girl in even the most A-list actresses.

Gwyneth Paltrow gave a gift to her fans and fellow good-life supporters Thursday, sending out the holiday edition of her personal newsletter GOOP.

Paltrow, 36, says she follows the same holiday guidelines for the end of December as she does on Thanksgiving. She’s just kicked up this round with some booze!

The Iron Man actress hands over her recipe for her fave mulled wine, as borrowed from Bon Appetit magazine. This is Gwyneth however, so expect a no-sugar zone.

I upped the spice and substituted agave syrup for the sugar, which is lower on the glycemic index and has a clean, mild flavor,” she writes.

Also, in a nice display of variety, Paltrow shares a recipe for the ultimate Hanukkah feast (including whole roasted fish and salsa verde) as well as a simple Christmas brunch.

The brunch is so easy, Chris Martin’s wife insists, that she likens it to John Hughes’ 1980s classic Sixteen Candles with the quote, “Wa-lah! Breakfast is ready!”

Only G knows that a Molly Ringwald association is the quickest way to the heart.

Don’t miss next week’s newsletter, when Gwyneth teaches all imposed-upon family members how to cope with the stress of relatives come holiday time.