Jeremy Piven’s Fishy Situation

Jeremy Piven has been put on strict notice by his doctor.

The 43-year-old Entourage actor had to abandon his starring role in David Mamet’s Broadway play Speed-the-Plow on Wednesday due to alarmingly high levels of mercury in his system. Now Dr. Carlton Colker, the primary internist treating the actor, has revealed to just how severe Piven’s condition is.

“This is a situation of mercury toxicity,” says Colker, the medical director of Peak Wellness in Greenwich, Connecticut. “His level [of mercury] was quite high, almost six times the normal limit…In this case, it’s either because of fish–he ate sushi twice a day for years–or because of the Chinese herbs he was taking, or both. We’re pretty sure about the fish, how much the Chinese herbs contributed, we don’t know. We don’t have the specifics of which herbs he took.”

Colker is so concerned about Piven, in fact, that he’s calling on the general public to aid him in looking after his patient.

“He cannot eat seafood,” Colker cautions. “If anyone sees him eating seafood, tell them to call my office.”

Alarmist? Perhaps. But then, Piven has been known to ignore the rules when he sees fit. And the guy has displayed poor impulse control on occasion.

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