Angelina Jolie Talks Brad Pitt in German ‘Cosmo’

Wearing a sky-blue tank dress, Angelina Jolie graces the cover German Cosmopolitan’s January issue. Fabelhaft!

Saint Angie, 33, who is riding high with her recent Golden Globe nomination for Changeling, discusses her charity work with the publication.

“I cannot sit quietly while others die of hunger,” Jolie says. “I don’t want to abandon my commitment to the United Nations. It has no greater priority.”

She also explains her passionate relationship with her partner Brad Pitt, by noting, “We are a good team. I do take my time outs, but most of all I get support from Brad. That is important to me and gives me strength.”

Pitt, 45, has also received a Golden Globe acting nod for his role in The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. The actor undergoes an amazing physical reverse-aging transformation in the fantasy-drama.

As for her own sexy physique, Angelina tells German Cosmo, “I’m very disciplined. I have a balanced diet and among other things I do Pilates. I feel more comfortable and I do have a lot more energy.”

Well, keep up with the Pilates, Angie, because your fans certainly have a lot of energy for looking at you!