Britney Spears Offers a Special Greeting to her Fans

Britney Spears has clearly been in a holly, jolly spirit lately! The pop star tested her yuletide pipes by Christmas caroling with Ellen DeGeneres last week. She also was on hand to flick the switch on downtown L.A.’s Christmas tree lights earlier this month.

But while Brit’s been saying her prayers with her entourage before each performance, she’s giving a special holiday greeting to just her fans!

Spears, 27, posted the above-pictured exclusive online greeting card to her loyal followers today on, her official website.

The “Circus” singer managed to wrangle her adorable boys Sean Preston, 3, and Jayden James, 2, to sit on her lap and pose twice—once for a “normal” mom-and-sons look, and then also for a silly shot where they’re each wearing grandpa Jamie’s glasses!

Ho! Ho! Ho! We’re guessing the boys’ “Pop-Pop” probably had a hearty “bowlful of jelly” laugh over this one!

And happy holidays back at you, Britney. Here’s to a successful world tour in 2009!