Morning Frills #120: ‘Vest-ed Interest’ Edition

As a professional supermodel, one would think that the last thing Camilla Vest would want to do in her off time is hang around in a bikini.

But no, the 36-year-old Danish looker (born January 1, 1972 in Copenhagen, Denmark) is the consummate professional.

Witness her luxuriating in the Miami Beach, Florida, sun last week, her million-dollar body braving the elements in nothing more than a skimpy two-piece and a thin layer of oil.

Is the 5′ 11″, 36-25-36 Topmodel jury panelist the an ultimate overachiever, or what?

Vest should be careful, or she’s going to make the rest of us look bad. Of course, it’s pretty much impossible for her not to do that already.

Celebrate Camilla Vest’s superior work ethic by clicking through our gallery of sexy photos. They’re so inspiring that you’ll feel like you’re working yourself. Working up a sweat, anyway.