Nick Cannon’s Ex Was Shocked by His Marriage

Add Christina Milian to the list of peoplewho were caught off guard by Nick Cannon’s quickie marriage to Mariah Carey earlier this year.

The 27-year-old actress and R&B singer, who dated Cannon for two and a half years before their break-up in 2005 (and co-starred with him in 2003’s Love Don’t Cost a Thing) says she was “shocked” that Cannon, 28, and Carey, 38, had tied the knot, People magazine reports.

“I definitely was shocked like everybody else,” says Milian (born Christine Flores). “I was like, ‘Really?’ It just seemed like a weird match. But I was happy for him. I always feel like Nick works hard to get what he wants, whether that be women–that’s how he got me.”

Indeed, Cannon’s efforts to stay on his new wife’s good side seem nearly inexhaustible. But while he might have put in some elbow grease to land Milian in the first place, he apparently didn’t work very hard to keep her. After their split Milian claimed that she had caught Cannon cheating on her by snooping into his phone records.

Apparently, though, all of that bad blood has transformed into water under the bridge. Though she hasn’t spoken to Cannon since he exchanged vows with Carey, she expresses no regrets over their time together.

“He’s a beautiful person,” the “Dip It Low” singer says. “Regardless of what I felt in the past at the time, I actually forgive him and I’m very much over that.”