Robert Pattinson Chops His Trademark Locks

Apparently his old haircut was just too much of a pain in the neck.

Robert Pattinson, the 22-year-old breakout star of Twilight, recently chopped off his iconic locks. The teen world’s favorite vampire is photographed here walking through London, England’s Heathrow Airport.

Was shearing his boyish mop a ploy to get more manly roles now that he’s found sudden success? The actor recently admitted he’d previously landed jobs as a child model due to his somewhat androgynous looks.

Pattinson’s packed his trusty guitar with his luggage. Maybe the aspiring musician, who has a tune of his own on the Twilight soundtrack, can sing a sad ballad for the Twilighters who will be dressed in black and in mourning over the vampiric British stud’s lost locks.

At any rate, Robert isn’t the only Twilight star who has been altering his looks lately. Taylor Lautner, who stars as Jacob Black in the the film, told MTV last week that he’s gained 19 pounds in a bid to keep his part in the film’s sequel, New Moon.

Following suit, Kristen Stewart will most likely be given a bit of a makeover when she takes on playing Joan Jett in the upcoming biopic about The Runaways.

But the big question is still Robert Pattinson’s hair.

Are you down with the new do, or mourning the lost locks?

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